Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I use rubber.

I have been making cards for a long time…little cards…maybe a little stitching, maybe a little gluing of store bought embellishments…that’s no surprise. I started a subscription to a paper crafting magazine during my pregnancy. One day, I logged onto their website to renew my subscription and I found a chat room by accident. This discovery led me to another craft website pertaining to rubber stamping projects. Since then, I have been primarily stamping projects.

At first, I thought that stamps would limit my artwork and that they would produce cards that look like every other so called "stamper". I am glad this is not true. While some stampers go berserk over some stamps (you will NEVER see me make a card using a "bella"...and if one ends up here, please call the police), I make a point to try to do something on every project to make myself unique. (Granted, I am a beginner; this is not always easy and frequently backfires.)

I have a favorite stamping company, for sure. It is called "justjohanna". The images are fresh and cute, and ideas flow easily for me when I review the catalogue. The ideas don't always meet the paper with the intentions my brain had, but I try! I like the "hand" of these stamps. That is the lines are not dark and heavy, the images are not cookie cutout computer generated looking images... they are fresh and fun. (I know I said 'fresh' twice, but it is true!)

It might be my interest in birds. I like to look at birds, I feed the birds in my backyard every day (sorry, Dad), there were numerous bird pets then and now. I can relate; I think of these little stamps like they are my pets. (I don't talk to them....yet.)

Some more of my favorites:


Kelly said...

That butterfly one is SO awesome!!
I just love the look of this stuff done with that swirly machine thingy.
(Man, I nailed that thing, when I saw the commercial for it. Not for kids, for scrappers/stampers! LOL)

Anonymous said...

Lost luggage, great blog. Keep them coming. No offense at all. Spartymom

Anonymous said...

Lost, I'm from the Shack and I thoroughly enjoyed reading your first entry and look forward to reading more.

May I include you in my favorites menu please?

Annette (Bugga in OK)