Sunday, June 24, 2007

Mind your bees wax.....

all images: justjohanna rubber stamps

I think I am at a turning point as far as making things goes....or maybe I am really far into the retrograde. Cat mentioned the retrograde clears on July we'll see if any of this sticks around.

Somerset magazine is so interesting to me. I can't put it down, and my condition (do-it-yourself-itis) is flourishing. I have accumulated SO many art supplies, it is now time to put up or shut up. I can't buy anything else. I have it all.

Case in point, my new melting pot (Ranger). It's awesome. However, it is not as easy as it looks to coat something with beeswax. You can't pick up the melting pot (well, I guess if you had potholders at your work table you could) and the wax turns to solid so fast. I made this piece by splattering some wax globs onto the canvas, heating them back up with my heat gun and then spreading them (pretty much just like frosting cupcakes) with a paint knife.

It took a long time to make this 4x4 canvas. I painted it with acrylic, then gesso, then stamping, then more gesso, then collage, then aged collage, then wax and then flashing. I aged the flashing with a little brown staz-on too, but the flash is a little too bright to pick it up.

I hope you like this! I am afraid the camera doesn't pick up the effects of the wax's soft and warm in person.

Until next time... Thank you for coming by!


Debbie said...

I love this canvas!!! Seems like a lot of work went into it. Would love to watch you make one someday. Really. Oh, and your new banner is fabulous.

Kathi Rerek said...

The canvas is GREAT! Most definitely worth the time you spent experimenting and doing the various steps.


And I agree w/Debbie. I love the new banner too!

zorana said...

This is just adorable! I love the colors and texture. Do you have a little iron to help you with the beeswax?

Vanessa said...

this is so cute!!!Great job, it's a lovely card

Tami said...

This is wonderful, and with that said, I think I'll skip the beeswax. It sounds too fussy for me. I love the effect you get with it, though.

Nancy Maxwell James said...

this is an adorable canvas too!
love priscella. I am a Somerset junkie also - and have a book suggestion for you..."Collage Discovery Workshop" by Claudine Hellmuth. I bought it in the winter - hoping to try some of the techniques - yummy yummy stuff! :)

Emilia said...

Wow, I am off for like two days and you have a lot of post and created good things! I need to take a good look at them.
I love the wax you put! Amazing!