Sunday, May 20, 2007

I don't drink Starbucks...

Friends, I don't drink Starbucks- or any coffee for that matter, but I thought you may find this interesting. Jilly and I were having a conversation regarding the topic of chemicals in food production at the last CCCC meeting. I hope this helps some of you learn more about the important topic.

While Starbucks claims to care about environmental and health issues, the truth is in their milk. Starbucks uses milk from cows that are injected with a growth hormone known as rBGH or rBST to speed up their milk production.

These growth hormones are known to harm cows and could pose health risks to humans. But factory farms continue to use them as an attempt to increase their profitability. Starbucks lets them get away with using the damaging hormones by serving this milk to millions of unknowing consumers!

The use of rBGH increases the rate of udder infections in cows, and contributes to the growth of antibiotic resistant bacteria. What’s more, injections of rBGH raise the levels of another hormone called IGF-1 in the cow and its milk. Too much IGF-1 in humans is linked to increased rates of colon, breast and prostate cancer.

The rBGH hormone is banned in Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and all 25 countries in the European Union. But the United State’s Food and Drug Administration ignores the growing controversy, allowing the damaging growth hormone to be used.


Auntie Jill said...

I find it interesting that you remember our conversation...LOL

I love Starbucks.

Where in the cyber world did you find all of this information?


Julie said...

I pay attention to your every word...especially since I know you can take me.

(I received this information in a dream.)

Sarah Moore said...

Oh dear! This is troubling... and I love starbucks (green tea latte). We only buy Organic Milk at home... I guess I can order a soy latte from now on!


Debbie said...

Um, yeah, soy latte for me, please.

Tami said...