Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Well, today is a lot different from yesterday. It is still very hot outside, but the winds have almost died down to nothing. As I look outside today, it looks like a June Gloom overcast type of day..only these are not clouds. It is smoke. A lot of smoke today and the wind is not blowing it by, it is sitting here. The front and back yards are covered in ash today...a thin, brown layer of dust.. I went outside to sweep a little and gave up- it is still falling from the sky. There is a faint orange glow coming in through all of the wondows. The 5 freeway northbound is closed between the 78 and Christianitos rd.. I guess Camp Pendleton is now on fire and the smoke makes for very bad driving conditions. Day 3 of staying in doors....

Yet another map with fire information.

It's hard to think about being "artful" these days when I worry about my friends and family. I am working on the Carry-On's vampire cape..but that's about it. Not too much seems important with this disaster taking place.


dianeclancy said...

Hi Julie,

It is awful knowing those fires are with you and lots of others!! I am glad it is a bit better today.

Johanna had to evacuate apparently. Sigh ... this all reminds us why Blog Action Day - environmental stuff in general is so important!

CNN had a good show - Planet at Peril - last night (second half tonight) ... and updated about the fires every 15 minutes. You and the others are in my prayers and thoughts!

I hope the vampire cape distracts you!

~ Diane Clancy

Bobbie said...

Sometimes you just have to sit and watch things happen as life just can't simply go on. God bless all.

Michelle said...

I feel your pain, the smoke is just horrible.

zorana said...

It is just horrible and sad. I'm thinking about you and all the people there... sending good thoughts for now, and sending whatever they'll need later. xo

Tracy said...

Julie, I am so sorry that this is happening. Still thinking bout' you.