Thursday, April 12, 2007


I start to sweat
I get the shakes
When I see
Your buttery flakes

This must be love
You’re so perfect and round
I take every precaution
Not to let you fall to the ground

Oh Ritz cracker
You’re so delicious
According to your box
You’re even nutritious

Light and crunchy
Toasty golden brown
If I had a million dollars
It would be Ritz all around!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Great poem, you must have lots of time to think. Kidding. You should sent that into Ritz. Spartymom

Julie said...

What's the matter, Anonymous #1? Create a stinking account. It's free.

Debbie said...

I love Ritz crackers, too. They are delicious with either peanut butter or cream cheese. Now I'm hungry.

Julie said...

Debbie- they changed the recipe! They are toastier and saltier now...hence, my penned delight. :)

Head to Vons right away. If memory serves me correctly, they are buy one get one free!

primdollie said...

Oh they are yummy and love them with salami and cheese!!!!! and love the salt!!!and you should submit that to the company I love it it's a cute jingle!!!! ya never know can't hurt!!!!!!!!!! hugs Linda

PattyE. said...

Saltier ?...........I am all over that, on my way to Von's today.