Monday, August 6, 2007

Happy Day!

Class yesterday was amazing! I am looking for a few supplies to finish up the Julification of each canvas I made..I placed my Dick Blick order for some fun stuff, so once it arrives I can post my projects. I can’t wait…they are awesome!

I am finishing up my month end responsibilities with justjohanna too.. There is a lot of work flying around, so once I am finished, I’ll be back to post some fun stuff.

Do you get the justjohanna newsletter? Rumor has it there will be a spur of the moment DT call coming up soon. If you are interested, don’t miss out on the details! Sign up for the newsletter today!


Nancy Maxwell James said...

hi there Julie. I am glad to hear the class was awesome - can't wait to see what you create. :)

Emilia said...

order for more supplies? I thought you had enough.

I'm crazy about your acrylic paiting... so, don't leave it unattendted. ;)

Julie said...

Thanks you guys!

I just ordered some new sharpie pens I didn't know about for writing on top of the acrylic...well, and a couple of more paint colors....but that's all! :)

Tami said...

Hey I caught my hubby shopping at dickblick this morning. I told him to wait for me before placing the order! LOL....can't wait to see your projects.

Kim said...

What fun shopping at dickblick! You can never have to many art supplies can you???