Friday, August 24, 2007

Plant Something Today...

Acrylic paint (Golden), transfer, stickers, pen, artist crayon (Caran D'Ache). On the back of a Wheat Thins box.

We're never going to move. My family is being punished because we did the right thing. When millions of Americans are either helped by the government, or graciously walking away from their credit disasters, millions of home buyers are benefitting from the foreclosures. So, since I have money in the bank, tons of equity in the house, I have to sit. After all, why would a buyer want to buy a house that wasn't a foreclosure? They said it on the news, so it must be true

I hope that Americans saved their money. It sure sounds like it would suck if the deal of a lifetime fell into your lap and because you used your credit cards too much, and because you maxed yourself buying a fancy car, you can't qualify for the loan of your dreams. That would suck. The news said people can't get loans anymore. It must be true.

I didn't max my credit cards. I didn't overextend my credit. I didn't take fancy vacations. We paid our loan and saved every penny. So why am I having a bad time?

It's because "buyers" are under the false pretense (thanks media) that homes are going to fall from the sky now. Homes with Viking appliances and granite counter tops. Sheesh, everyone watches A&E...what happens on "flip this house" must be true. It's on TV after all..

I should be able to make millions of dollars instantly on the NYSE. That's "day trading" right? You're F'ing up the market for the rest of us.

Wake up America! Be responsible. Money is not meant for idiots. That only happens on TV.

(Well friends, I am sorry it had to come to this. I am fed up with trying to sell this house. If you fall into any of the categories above, well shoot. Sorry about that. Hope you keep coming to read Luggage never know what's going to happen next!

I guess this all started when I was fighting with my sewing machine last night. It's fixed now, but while looking for parts, I found a bunch of pretty bitchin' craft supplies I forgot about. Forgot about them because I had to stash them away so I could host walk through after walk through... every day when I start my cleaning routine I curse- I'm just tired. Sick and tired.)


Debbie said...

Wow what a great picture! I love your doodling.

I'm sad you can't sell your house because some people are just stupid with their money. I agree with you. What is this country coming to? Oh, don't get ME started....

Have a great weekend, Julie. Craft your heart out!!!

Kim said...

I love you painting! It is gorgeous!

I have totally agree with you on people and their money! I am proud to say I do not have one credit card- and I hope those jerks stop calling me to get one. I hope that you sell your house soon so you can get all your supplies out and create in freedom!

Have a double chocolate dipped weekend!

Jennifer said...

Julie, I gotta ask. Have you always been this artistic? Amazing piece.

I hear you about the $$ thing. Lots I could say. I won't though. Funny though that you wrote this today. Paul and I were just talking about this last night all because of a stupid conversation I read on a board.

I hear ya. Your house will sell. It will. I don't lie.

Kathi Rerek said...

Wow. That's beautiful.

Sorry you're down. Selling a house is always stressful, what with keeping it clean, having strangers traipse through with muddy feet and disrespectful mounths, and all the disruption it causes. It's worse than ever because of all the things you mentioned.

Sending mental margaritas your way, as well as hopes that someone responsible comes along and decides your house is "the" house for them.

pescbrico said...

((((((((hug))))))) You know when I wanted to buy my house... it did not work at the first attempt (the seller did not respond in the delay) and I was so mad... but it turn out to be a good thing because of that, I was able to get better conditions on my buying. Maybe it will be this way for your selling to. Maybe it will be better in some time, keep hope, you never know what good life can throw at you!

Cathrine StClair said...

Oh Julie, I'm sorry. I know it must be very hard to always be "walk through ready". I hope you catch a break soon.

On the pluse side - Wheaties never looks so good! I love those colors.

Rima said...

Sorry you had a bad week, Julie. Hope the weekend is better. Sending good vibes your way.

Neda said...

1. It sucks and double sucks because you have been trying to show the house and not be able to do your art all this time, among other things.

2. I admire you. If everyone behaved like you and were fiscally responsible, we will not be where we are today.

3. I join you in your anger: a couple the street over bought the house behind us, bulldozed it, rebuilt it and instead of moving in, they just put it on the market. A monstrosity of conspicuous consumption plus the fact that they are asking 5 times the price of houses in this neighborhood (which are pretty high to begin with). Our property taxes are going to skyrocket!

4. Ooof! That felt good! Now that we screamed together, I want to tell you that your illustration is quite exquisite :) and keep your perky spirit up!

Sending you lots of hugs too :)

Godelieve said...

Hope you will get good news about the house really soon!

Great art again Julie! LOVE what the red does here!

Sylvie :) said...

Great card and stunning backg !!
courage for the house !!!

Tami said...

Amazing art piece. I love what you wrote on it and the transfer is fantastic.

People are insane. What is the point to money? Well, it's to have a life, not to be tied to bills you can't pay. From your credit-card free, house will be paid off in 8 more years, paid cash for the last car, thrift store maven friend.

Heather Grow said...

First off, love your latest project. I like that some parts are blurry and others clear. And, the colors are very soothing to me.

I'm sorry about your house issues. It sucks. My neighbor has had his house on the market for about a year. The other day a tour bus parked on our street and hungry realtors stampeeded into his house.

I'm sure the pendulum will swing again. A couple of years ago my chocolate lab could have qualified for a low-rate home mortgage.

Nancy Maxwell James said...

Julie this is a beautiful piece.
love your color choices.
I am sorry about your home sale - it must be very frustrating. I am fed up looking for a place to move to (does that count also) and for now we have put our BIG move on hold.

Emilia said...

First of all, beautiful art!
Secondly, good for the fixed sewing machine.
Last, I am not one of the category. I use my credit very well, never over expended. Certainly, I will keep coming back to the Luggage blog!

Thanh said...

*big hugs Julie* Housing is a new territory that I have yet to step into, but I feel you on that stupid money issue. Stupid ppl!!! Gargh.