Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Commander Speaks: Blog Candy

I know that I have a lot of “non-blurfers” that read my blog regularly, (so I guess, technically, that makes you a blurfer) so let me start by explaining what the term “blog candy” refers to. Blog candy refers to a prize that is given away by the blog host via the blog. For example, if I had an item to give away, I would announce the “candy” item in a post and readers could leave comments in an attempt to win the candy.

The internet is like elementary school in a way. Dateline 1983, San Diego: St. Therese Academy fifth grade student ‘Lost Luggage’ is reprimanded for passing out Jolly Rancher candy to students while asking for votes for her seat on the Student Council. Luggage goes on to win the election in a landslide regardless. (Must have been that years campaign slogan “The devil will pack it, Julie can hack it.”)

Recently, I installed a counter on my blog that allegedly records hits and ranks my blog amongst other stamping blogs. Currently, I am number 214 out of however many… Although it is neat to see where my blog ranks amongst other crafters, I am removing the counter effective immediately. I have received no customer service regarding several inquiries to the company that hosts the counter and I do not believe it is recording hits accurately. I also cannot compete with other blogs who drum up hits using certain “tactics”.

Since the beginning, it has been the Luggage stance to promote quality over quantity. Quality projects using the best ingredients (take the Luggage sandwich for the CCCC a few weeks ago for example). My friends and family know that I do not do anything half ass. Having said that, I am here to announce today that I will not use blog candy in an effort to drum up blog hits and gain popularity. I don’t blurf and leave unwarranted comments willy nilly in hopes of drumming up additional hits. I only leave comments on projects or posts that I think are great. No fluff.

Luggage attempts to post unique and beautiful projects five days a week. (Sunday and Tuesday’s have been reserved for jibber jabber.) I hope that you visit with the intent of seeing something you like or learning a new technique. I enjoy sharing my work with you.

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shuggy said...

sorry to have bored you today...i'll work on that...