Sunday, March 25, 2007

I am SO happy!

The gods were smiling down on me today. I sold the monster sized futon on Craigs List today and it is GONE! Can I get an AAAAAYYYYYYY MEN! Now, I can turn around and touch the ground in my craft area. Now, I have an extra table set up to keep my sewing machine I have a drying area other than the floor! Now, I can leeeeeeaaaannnnn back in my desk chair. Now, I don't have to sigh and save projects for next time becasue I didn't want to haul out the necessary equipment! AAAAAAAAAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


Suzi said...

Congrats!!! Purging furniture is GREAT!!! Plus, making a buck or 2 off it is just extra icing!! I'm just jealous of a craft room.

Anonymous said...

That is great news! a big futon is not what ya want. Enjoy your freedom. Spartymom

Debbie said...

Yay, more crafting space! That's excellent, since you will need a little space for your Rev. I've always liked your sewing cards, so it's great you can leave the machine out now.