Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I don't celebrate this holiday. I am not Irish. I guess I really don't understand why it is so widely celebrated. Is it just an excuse to get drunk and pinch people? Like almost every other holiday, it seems the religious purpose of the holiday has long disappeared and has been replaced by big bearded frat guys drinking green beer. Such is life. If you know the true meaning of this holiday, post a comment and tell us. You won't win my leftover embellishments, but I will give you a shout out and share your answer in Sunday's post so everyone can see how smart you are.

I would like to thank 'bigbadmike' for sending me a very nice St. Patrick's day package last week! He's the BEST friend in the world!

My card from bigbadmike.


Thanh said...

Is it just an excuse to get drunk and pinch people? You nailed it on the head I think... but Im only talking about those ppl who arent Irish and what not.

bigbadmike said...

Luggage, if I saw you today I would force you to drink some green beer, do a jig, sing an ancient Irish verse and maybe get a tatoo. Though those activities are definately not at the root of the holiday, I say. "Beer, singing and bad can that be?". Hope your day was great - did you wear green?

Julie said...

My uniform at the convention was khaki pants and a pink shirt. Today, pink was the new green. :)