Monday, February 5, 2007

They came; they drank.

Super Bowl was a blast yesterday! Thank you to all of the usual suspects and the new friends that stopped by for the fun!

My favorite part was the half-time show; I made it out of the kitchen for most of it.

For many of you, the best part was the ‘beer pool’. Here is a recap of the top three brews:

Third Place: Heineken and Stone Pale Ale (tie)
Second Place: Weizen Ale
First Place: Kirin Ichiban

And…the beer you do not want to buy for your birthday party, work party or christening? In last place by far: Brother Thelonious (Sorry Steve-O.)

See you all for Super Bowl XLII


Suzi said...

So, we're ALL invited for next year. I'll be there!

Steve-0 said...

My apologies for the worst beer on earth. What's more, our brother Thelonious is the name sake of the worst brew ever, uh, brewed.

I have sought therapy and the forgiveness from the Holy Father. B16 has issued a pardon for my pagan purchase. I will forward you the official parchment as soon as it arrives from the Vatican.

Julie said...