Wednesday, February 7, 2007

What are words for?

I am moving towards never speaking outloud again.

I do the majority of my shopping on line. I used to do all of my grocery shopping online too, but my Vons was just remodeled into “Super Vons” and it really is breathtaking. (I have to go in there whether I need groceries or not.) Pizza ordering: online, clothes shopping: online. Speaking to Mr. Luggage: you guessed it- a lot of emails. Little Miss Carry-On does not use email yet, but I am sure when she is old enough; you get the idea.

I hardly call anyone regularly to shoot the breeze anymore. We email. I hardly refer to my cook books without looking online for recipes first. What does the future hold?

I am happy this way. I feel jittery when the lap top is not up and running in the kitchen. I need it there like an alcoholic needs a morning cocktail. Wireless, I guess it’s the work of the devil. No longer do we need to go to the “computer room” to sit down and check email or balance the checkbook. The network is always at our fingertips.

Maybe I would have been more comfortable using hieroglyphics in a cave or pyramid somewhere… maybe I was in a cave or pyramid in a past life. I am having a lot of trouble attaching ‘sentiments’ to my cards as well. It seems that the majority of things I am making fall into the “general note card” category.

Could you live without email?


Debbie said...

I am so addicted to email it isn't funny. I tried turning off my personal email from Outlook, but I kept going out to the web to check it. I NEEEEEED email. It's my contact with the outside world. I agree with you, if I never had to leave my house again, I could do it. Like if I lived in a yurt (a comfy yurt)in the middle of nowhere it would be cool. Just so long as I had my cable internet. Yurts have cable, right?

GrammaStamper said...

I'm with you on this one. I think I could easily be a hermit, with internet access, of course! Maybe humans will evolve into a speechless species and our fingers will just plug into the electrical outlet and download/upload information to and from one another!

shuggy said...

i am the biggest email 'ho in the world!! i can't go without my email! i even check my email on my phone!!

my name is angie, and i'm addicted to email.