Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Totally Rad, Dude!

Julie on the left, Shari on the right. San Diego, November 1988.

Back in the day, every Tuesday night at Emerald City was “80’s” night. So, in keeping with tradition, I give to you, vintage Luggage.

Feast your eyes on these two! Yours truly on the left, and to show I was not alone at being a complete dork, my good friend Shari is on the right. No, I did not perm my hair. Yes, Shari is holding a rubber chicken. It’s funny, right? And…YES…we’re still friends.. (At the moment anyway!)

This was a failed attempt at a United Colors of Benetton advertisement. You remember the ads, crazy kids posed casually in a white room in various knitwear… Some of the kids had mohawks (shocking!), some of them were just weird. Most of the time they were holding flags (I’ll spare you the pictures we took posing with the Union Jack) But they did one thing well; sell overpriced sweaters.

I can’t remember anything else about this photo. Shari probably drove the Cutlass over, we probably had fish tacos after school that day…I can’t imagine we did anything else with those hair dos!!

I have been blurfing so much! I decided to give you all a little piece of Luggage today because I am frustrated that so many blogs are incomplete. While I completely understand you may not what to divulge secret information for fear of identity theft, is there any harm in listing where in the hell you are? I see your house….but crimany, what state are you in? Until my hit map can mark the ISP location and your user name… it would be nice to know who I am blurfing with. No harm, no foul.

Where were you in 1988?

So, take Tuesday’s off with me. I’ll let you into Luggageland free of charge

PS- I almost forgot! Here are the top 20 dance hits for November, 1988:
Brat Pack - So Many Ways (Do It Properly Part II) (Vendetta)
Bros - I Owe You Nothing (Epic)
Brown, Bobby - My Prerogative (MCA)
Camouflage - The Great Commandment (Atlantic)
D'Arby - Terence Trent - Dance Little Sister (Columbia)
Diva, C.C. - Searchin' For (EMI)
Duran Duran - I Don't Want Your Love (Capitol)
Funky Worm - Hustle! (To the Music) (Atlantic)
Jellybean Featuring Richard Darbyshire - Coming Back For More (Chrysalis)
Matt Bianco - Don't Blame It On That Girl (Atlantic)
Noel - Out Of Time (4th and Broadway)
Raze - Break 4 Love (Columbia)
Sassa - When the Time Is Right (Profile)
S-Express - Superfly Guy (Capitol)
Thompson Twins - In the Name Of Love '88 (Arista)
Timelords - Doctorin' the Tardis (TVT)
Todd Terry Project - Just Wanna Dance / Weekend (Fresh)
White, Karyn - The Way You Love Me (Warner Bros.)
Wilde, Kim - You Came (MCA)
Yazz and the Plastic Population - The Only Way Is Up (Elektra)


Julie said...

HAHHA!! I just noticed there is a tucan in Shari's tree!!

Suzi said...

Ok, I was a fairly hip chick in 1988 but I don't remember ANY of these songs!!! What's wrong w/me? (Or is it my failing memory??)

sharimcn said...

Dude- I have the benneton pics, I'll email them to you. What were we thinking with those sweaters?

jdpisces said...

Nice pics ~ Benneton was all the rage for the longest time, it seemed. I hated their sweaters though because they were all wool...too itchy.

The song listing was nice...My Prerogitive was my favorite song! In 1988, I was a freshman in H.S. Hee hee! ~Julie

shuggy said...

do i feel a cd release??? come on!!! i was a junior in 88.

benneton...that brings back the memories!!!

sharimcn said...

Are there any pics of us with the bobcat?

Julie said...

There you go...you had to go and bring up the Bobcat....now you've done it.

sharimcn said...

I had too!!!! That picture of me is horrible, no wonder i didn't have a date in high school.

Anonymous said...

Well in 88, I was Partying with the big people on capitol hill! The Michigan Capital that is. Tee Hee. I was a house page. Yippee. I was also going to college and finding the bars that offered the free appetizers too. Spartymom

justjohanna said...

Um... where was I in 1988?? I was old enough to be pseudo-aware, but none of these songs look remotely familiar!

justjohanna said...

and what exactly is blurf? blog+blog=sharing too much personal info? or surf+blog=reading blogs?

Julie said...

Come on you guys... Bobby Brown?? Duran Duran??? T Twins?? Look at us...we were complete nerds and I remember three of those on the list lol

(Blurfing= blog surfing)

B said...

Pink Sweater.....
Bwah haa haaa haaa....
Bwah haa haaa haaa!