Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mission: Collage {Number 4}

Hey hey! We made it though the new carpet...except for the smell. I hate "new" anything smell. I've got the windows open, but unfortunately Mother Nature decided that Southern California needed to swelter again, so I am not sitting here painting away...I am a step behind on Mission: Collage! Gasp!! Here are the next steps in our collage process:

1. Pattern: Use any medium you want and make a pattern on your collage- lines, dots, secret message in Morse Code...anything you want.

2. Draw: Fancy sketch or simple drawing; use pen, pencil or ink to highlight something that is already on your collage or draw a new shape on your project.

3. Sand: Go out to the garage and grab some sand paper! Use the paper to make a distress accent on your collage.

Isn't this fun?! I love doing this Mission with you all! I'll be back tomorrow to show you my projects using the last 6 steps we have talked about. Until then, have fun!


Hazel said...

Woohoo, I have done my first three steps! Photos tomorrow, I promise! It was so much fun, I just need some charcoal tomorrow. I will catch up soon!

~missprissme said...

I still need to do 3 and 4 too. But remember your first rule. This is supposed to be funnnnn and it is. THanks