Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mission: Collage {Part Three}

Alright- time for another installment of our collage steps! Here are the next three steps for your collage:

1. Smudge: Wet your fingers and smudge any of the chalk, pastel, crayon, charcoal on your project.

2. Magazine: Attach a page or piece of a page of magazine to your collage and then use a damp cloth or baby wipe to remove areas of ink from the magazine you put on your collage. Cheap magazine pages work the best. Scrub a dub dub!

3. Stamp: Anywhere, anykind, any amount. Caution: be careful about what kind of ink you choose to stamp with...there may be wet areas again on the project before we're finished!

I enjoy seeing your works in progress as I surf around the blogs!! How fun and exciting it is to see everyone's collage come along!


Hazel said...

I will show my photos soon, I'm having a busy week! This is so much fun, Julie, great idea!

Emilia said...

oh, man...I am totally behind the schedule. Hope I could do something this weekend!

Erin K said...

I'm not in this challange, but am really loving seeing the work that your people are doing. :)

Hope you are doing well, enjoy your new carpet. I'm afriad to get new carpet with my tots I'm gonna wait until they are a bit older.

Kim- hutchink :) said...

I'm so loving these collages - I think I'm addicted! I'm working on my third one!