Friday, September 7, 2007

Mission: Collage

Yeah! It's the moment you've been waiting for! Our first installment for Luggage- Mission: Collage. What? You didn't sign up? You still can! It will be a blast. I can't wait to see all the interpretations of the instructions!

Before we start...I want to make one thing clear: This is a "do whatever you want the rules are out the window feel good about yourself and your art" swap. Please do whatever comes to your mind when you see the techniques.. my suggestions are only suggestions to get the ball rolling; there will be no right or wrong projects and when we're finished, everyone gets their own original piece of art from your partner!

Your collage can be on any surface as long as it will "take" the techniques. For example, cardboard, canvas, cardstock, etc. I am not sure your collage will work on glass or metal.

Having said that, he we go! Today's techniques are: Paint, Paper, Ink

  1. Paint: Anything you can apply with a brush. Place paint on your surface to be the starting background of your collage. You can use all one color, mix and match, whatever!

  2. Paper: Attach paper onto the painted surface for an accent to the background. Any type of paper will do!

  3. Ink: Doodle, spill, splatter, dab, you name it! Add some ink to any areas of your collage.

I think what I will do is post the techniques every other day and post my collage in progress on the days when I don't post the techniques. Is that fun? If you want to show your piece in progress, feel free to post it on your blog and link to us in the comments here so we can all see!

Have fun today!


Emilia said...

this is soooo tempting!! I can't wait to start it!!

Hazel said...

I am looking forward to seeing your first stage! I just have to decide on my surface/size. This is exciting!

Tami said...

Ok, I really think I'm going to love this project. I have no idea what the end result will be, but what a fun creative exercise each day. Off to get the paint & brushes out of the closet!

~missprissme said...

Way to get us started. woohoo

~missprissme said...

p.s. I especially like your first rule!